About the NEWKID Academy



NEWKID is the newest establishment of its kind. You can be sure you won’t see us in every local shop for just anybody to get their hands on. This means those of you who have found us get to join us in a secret society of the private label fashion industry.

In the NEWKID HQ we take the time to put 110% in to each and every order. One thing you might not know about NEWKID is that our shirts are made by us. We do everything involved in creating a NEWKID shirt, crewneck and tank. Having everything available at the NEWKID HQ allows us to be able to oversee the entire creation process of each product. The result? A super rad end product.



Every order comes in either our signature locker box or our 'report card' envelope. We have put a lot of thought and time into getting our packaging just right and when you receive it, it will be an experience. We are out to create a unique, exciting experience and are super stoked for you to receive your order in the mail. By joining our underground movement, you will be presented with an acceptance letter which features your very own...

newkid card black amex

...Newkid Black Card, which can be used to claim some really great hook ups in the future. All of this exclusively on


We have put a tremendous amount of effort making NEWKID, and we are very excited for you to receive your box in the mail. Welcome to our movement. You can easily talk with us at any time through our Facebook page or Twitter. Cheers!




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