Two masters of their craft coming together to bring you NEWKID.

Corey; A contemporary Canadian-American illustrator, sculptor and fashion designer.

Chris; A highly skilled screen printer, photographer and fashion designer.

We built this brand from nothing. All we had was a desire to start something real and the lion's courage to go for it. Inspired by fine art, music, culture, and the people who surround them, NEWKID is the collaboration of two artists who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.

It started with sketchpads, and spray paint cans. We were two brothers, getting into trouble using the streets as a creative outlet, letting ideas flow through our minds and onto the city walls.

It wasn't until one of us was arrested that we started to think of new ways to use our talents. A new creative outlet had to be formed, so we got to work. We dropped out of school, and quit our jobs as we knew launching this movement would require 100% of our energy. And thus, NEWKID (NWKD) was born.

Our first designs featured a lion that looked strikingly similar to the lion we know today...

We adapted the lion as an icon that what to us represented the King of the Jungle, the Ruler of the Wild, and the ultimate symbol of Power and Strength.

Our purpose is creating limited works of art made from quality materials.

Each piece is constructed by us with the commitment to bringing you a high quality and limited product that you will want to hold onto forever.


The name is inspired by a moment in time we all have experienced. When you are the 'new kid', you have the opportunity to shine in the spot light. When you are the new kid all eyes are on you. You have the chance to stand out, or you can conform to the group. Everyone has been a new kid at least once in their life. At this moment we are the new kid, and we want to always have that new kid mentality as time goes on and we continue to reinvent ourselves.


We proudly send our clothing to customers all over the world, from North American, to the UK, Japan, Australia and many other places.

Our story is still being written, and we are glad to have you along with us.

You can talk to us directly through our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.